Benchmark Test

Predicting the maximum number of concurrent users on a single server is essential to service operations. 


We have conducted benchmark tests using  Amazon Web Services (AWS). We have also created a tester software that can measure packet loss and latency, simulate 500 viewers in one instance, and test using multiple tester instances. 

We tested on an EC2 C5.2Xlarge instance in the AWS AP-NORTHEAST-2 Region and installed OvenMediaEngine in Origin and Edge mode both in two Instances and measured Edge performance.

 The network performance of C5.2Xlarge is described to support up to 10Gbps.

However, we tested it by using iperf, and  an output of around 4Gbps ~ 5Gbps maximum was measured with  a 1500byte UDP packet.


From the performance result, we assume there is a PPS limitation in AWS EC2.

If it exceeds the PPS limit, the UDP packet loss becomes severe, and the service cannot be properly maintained.


Therefore, we conduct the test with the assumption that the best performance you can maintain properly is when the network doesn't increase latency and maintains less than a 1% packet loss.

In the case of VBR, we measure the bitrates with a soccer game since it shows more dynamic movement and has higher bitrates than steadier videos such as BIPBOP.