First of all, thank you for your interest in OvenMediaEngine and OvenPlayer!
We need your help to keep and develop our open-source projects, and we want to tell you that you can contribute in many ways. Thank you!

Did our open-source help you?

If you like our open-source project, if you have made something with our open-source, or if our open-source has helped you, please let people know about OvenMediaEngine and OvenPlayer.

And we are love to hear about your experience and story using OvenMediaEngine, like why you chose this, how to use this, and more. The voices of real contributors are of great help to our project.

We always hope that OvenMediaEngine will make your project a success.

Are you a developer?

Finding bugs

If you find any bugs while using OvenMediaEngine and OvenPlayer, please feel free to let us know. Also, we may ask you for help in reproducing it and testing the fixed code. We will do our best to reproduce and fix the bug. 

Reviewing code

We review our code countless times before release, but we can make mistakes. So let us know if you find it. Also, if you know any code or structure that OvenMediaEngine and OvenPlayer can work on more efficiently, please let us know.

Sharing ideas

If you have any ideas about technology trends that can advance OvenMediaEngine and OvenPlayer and features that will work synergistically, please request us. We are ready to review and embrace it for development.


After the OvenMediaEngine and OvenPlayer updates, we may request you to test as we have responsibility for ensuring stability in more environments. Therefore, we would be very grateful if you could help us run the test.

Could you please review our documentation?

We are not a perfectly English-speaking team. Therefore, there may be typos, grammatical awkwardness, or incomprehensible sentences in our documents. Please let us know if you find them.

Or, if you would like to translate our documents into a language other than English, we welcome your work!

Financial contributions are also good

If you want to help us continue developing OvenMediaEngine and OvenPlayer, or if our open-source has helped your business, please support us through the GitHub Sponsor or Open Collective.

Your communal fund is transparent, publicly visible, and is used to develop our open-source projects.

How will the funds be used?

Your financial contribution to OvenMediaEngine and OvenPlayer will be used to reward the developer's efforts, cover the cost of servers and hardware that are continuously used, and attend related exhibitions.

And we will mark you on this page for supporting us as a thank you!