OvenPlayer is a JavaScript-based LLHLS and WebRTC Player for OvenMediaEngine. OvenPlayer automatically plays with WebRTC, Low Latency HLS, MPEG-DASH, and RTMP for your browser environment. It also supports WebRTC Signaling from OME and includes various functions as the media player.


Open-Source Video Player

OvenPlayer is an Open-Source and JavaScript-based HTML5 Player for OvenMediaEngine (OME).

Sub-Second Latency

OvenPlayer can stream using protocols such as WebRTC, and Low Latency HLS (LLHLS).

Automatic Fallback

OvenPlayer is automatically fallback with LLHLS and DASH to support more infra.

Fully Customizable UI

OvenPlayer provides customizable UIsso you can edit them to suit your environment.

Easy to insert ADs

OvenPlayer supports VAST4, VAST3, VAST2VPAID2 (HTML5), and VMAP1.0.1.

Responsive Player

OvenPlayer is a responsive player that works on all screen sizes.

HTML5 Standard Video Player

OvenPlayer can stream regardless of browser and file format. No plugin is required.

Native Player for Android/iOS (Alpha)

OvenPlayer builds as a native player because the HTML5 player cannot fully support mobile.

Workflows of OvenPlayer


OvenPlayer Demo

Most browsers prohibit access to TLS-based HTTPS site through unsecured HTTP or WebSocket.Therefore, we have prepared a demo player based on HTTP or HTTPS for you.


* MIT License

OvenPlayer released under the MIT license as an open-source project.

* Technical Support

We provide technical support for OvenPlayer via GitHub Issues.

Please feel free to contact us if you need any problems or improvements in use.

How to Contribute?

If you would like to contribute to OvenPlayer by developing, finding/fixing bugs, testing, and more.
Please feel free to visit OvenPlayer GitHub.

Recurring Donations

If you would like to continue developing our open-source project, or OvenPlayer is helping your business,
please support us through the Open Collective.
This communal fund is transparent, publicly visible, and is used to develop the OvenPlayer.