OvenSpace is an Open-Source and Web Video Conferencing Example. It is basically developed with OvenMediaEngine as a Streaming Server and OvenPlayer as an HTML5 Player. So everyone can easily build a more reliable conference call, video chat, and meeting system on the web using our open-source projects.



OvenSpace is an Open-Source Project that utilizes OvenMediaEngine and OvenPlayer.

Sub-Second Latency

OvenSpace allows you to start a Web Video Conference with Sub-Second Latency instantly.

HTML5 Streaming

You can use OvenSpace on your desktop and mobile browsers without plugins.

With OvenMediaEngine

You can configure OvenSpace using the OvenMediaEngine you set up.

Workflows of OvenSpace


You use your Webcam as video and your Microphone as audio to send a media stream to OvenSpace through a browser that supports WebRTC, OvenLiveKit for Web in OvenSpace sends your stream to WebRTC Provider in OvenMediaEnigne for instant connection.

And WebRTC Publisher in OvenMediaEngine sends other people's streams for playing on OvenPlayer in OvenSpace, and you can participate in web video conferencing with sub-second latency.
Also, the stream list of OvenSpace is periodically updated through the Rest API provided by OvenMediaEngine.


* MIT License

OvenSpace released under the MIT license as an open-source project.

* Technical Support

We provide technical support for OvenSpace through GitHub Issues.

Don't hesitate to make an issue if you need any problems or improvements in use.

How to Contribute?

If you would like to contribute to OvenSpace by developing, finding/fixing bugs, testing, and more.
Please feel free to visit OvenSpace GitHub.

Recurring Donations

If you would like to continue developing our open-source project, or OvenSpace is helping your business,
please support us through the Open Collective.
This communal fund is transparent, publicly visible, and is used to develop the OvenSpace.